Energy Course Training


If you have spiritual gifts and desire to have the ability to control, understand, and utilize them to their full potential, these courses have been designed to achieve just that. Courses are sequential in three levels and build upon the knowledge of the previous course(s). These energetics courses are designed to teach the practitioner energy function in and around the body and how to perform exercises to energetically strengthen and protect the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies. These courses place an emphasis on the lower, middle, and upper dantians (energy centers) informed by Taoist energetics.

The first course also includes a personal reading from instructor Nick Quartarone, scheduled before the first class, to determine what energetic, spiritual, and physical strengths of the student are, as well as the student’s needs that must be addressed during the course to maximize results.

Course duration:

Levels 1, 2, and 3 are 8-week courses, taught in 1-hour sessions at a suggested frequency of once per week. Weekly sessions allow enough time between classes for the student to practice the material to make consistent progress. Level 1 begins with a 1-hour personal reading, which occurs prior to class instruction.

Course pricing:

The price of each course is $480. Discounts will be given for individuals who purchase two or three courses at a time. Please refer to the pricing chart below for exact discounts.
Payment can be scheduled in three ways:

-One payment of $480 to be paid at beginning of course.

-Two payments of $240 (first payment at beginning of course and second payment made during the fourth class).

-Three payments of $160 (first payment at beginning of course, second payment during the fourth class, and final payment during the last class).

Course teaching location:

Each class may be taught at either the teacher’s location or the student’s location.

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